There are a lot of factors that play a role in determining the final cost of a production. We have set rates for most of the productions we do, but there are factors that can change these rates.


The pre-production stage consists of an initial meeting to determine the needs of your production. We then collaborate about ideas to bring your vision to inspiring results. We discuss locations for the shoot and determine the crew size and equipment needed.

We determine the time on location, whether hair/makeup is required and any other factors unique to your project. Once this information is finalized, we calculate the best price for your project.


On production days we arrive on set typically an hour early to set up lighting, cameras, sound recording, etc. and answer any last minute questions. The length of the shoot day is planned in pre-production.


Post-Production is a crucial aspect of producing a video project. Post-production includes: Transferring footage and audio from memory cards to computer storage. We review all the footage and audio capture from production days. We edit video, sound and include graphics, music and color grading. We send a rough cut to you so you may make any revisions. Then a final cut, when ready, is sent to you.


When we arrive for a shoot, we have all the technical tools to accomplish the goal of the production. Our basic tool kit consists of cameras, lighting, tripods, monitors, microphones, sound recording, etc.

Some projects require specialized gear to accomplish a shoot. This may include cameras to conduct a Facebook or YouTube live broadcast. For a live video, multiple cameras and a switcher are required.


Most productions require a 2-3 person crew: director, director of photography, and a sound recordist. Some bigger jobs may require a larger crew, such as events, live streams or larger more complicated productions.


Although it is a rare thing, accidents do happen. Our gear is fully insured and we also carry liability insurance. Our crew members are fully insured.


This covers car insurance, fuel, mileage, parking and airfare. A radius of 25 miles is included in the standard rate, but anything over that is considered when developing a price.

Please feel free to email us at to discuss your project and set up a meeting.